Manpowered Logistics

Industrial Focus

Heavy duty

We have a large fleet of Customized and diverse rental equipment to save you time, take your hands off maintenance, and the hassle of dealing with costly and critical repairs. Thus, we provide heavy lift, lifting calculations, and lifting design services with engineering solutions.

Tug boat

Operational requirements for tugboats are constantly expanding, with high expectations for the reliability and efficiency of vessels. At Mt logistics, we provide service for lease of tugboat which operate globally even in severe weather conditions.


Part of our industry’s focus is vessel leasing. Using your required vessel parameters, we identify vessels best suited for you based on work scope, required bollard pull, deck load, and other factors. Achieving the desired outcomes. Recommendations that maximize utilization, are then provided to achieve the desired outcomes.


We provide lease services of barges which are specially designed to perform dredging activity on deepwater areas as well as heavy cargo carriage.


We offer Manpower services to our esteemed clients by providing complete recruitment solutions, sourcing, and supplying professional and quality staff/ personnel specific to the requirements of clients.

With astute professionalism and expertise, we offer you a unique global network to ensure your products are handled safely during all loading and unloading operations in every corner of the world. We oversee the general appearance of the cargo and/or packaging during packaging to confirm that goods meet all quality and safety requirements are for a wide range of clients across all industries, everywhere, whatever the means of transport. Ensure goods are shipped and stored according to good transportation practices.