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Customs & Clearance

We have built our reputation on providing seamless and detailed customs clearance services with transparency that ensures our partnership endures for the future. We have accomplished this with a dedicated clearance department, which completes customs clearance for all types of import-export: commercial, non-commercial, import for fixed assets, import of raw materials for production or processing, temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-export import, fast customs clearance for urgent shipments and paperwork for our customers.

Our customs clearance specialists understand domestic and international laws and regulations as well as the challenges faced by international business and the importance of smooth Customs clearance for every business. Our licensed, customs compliance experts are part of a larger team that has been successful in simplified procedures and valuations by providing specialized, fast, and economical services for the clearance of your imported goods with transportation and logistics solutions for you. ¬†Customs clearance plays an important role in international trade and transactions and good preparation can help save time and money while optimizing your financial performance. With our knowledge and professional experience, we offer effective advice to help customers make wise decisions, save time and optimize cash flows while minimizing the financial impact of your business’s international trade activities.

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