Manpowered Logistics

About Us

We are pressed with providing viable solutions to most challenging supply chain problems. With a team of expert professionals to handle your logistics, we deliver a worry-free experience with every shipment as our carriers are constantly evaluated for ingenuity, reliability and value for on time deliveries.

Our robust experience in managing the peculiarities of the unique challenges of local and international distribution environment, puts us in advantage position to provide our clients unmatched distribution services. All this we do with focus on speed and cost optimization while consistently delivering exceptional value.

Our Cooperate Philosophy revolves around contentment of customers. Our reward is in effective and satisfactory service.


To be a smart global supply chain, trusted and known for cost effective, seamless and satisfactory shipping and logistics.


Our Company strives to take lead and become the top-notch logistics and shipping company globally.

Our Core Values


Our staff conduct themselves with integrity, accountability, and excellence and always finding a way to be productive.


We constantly align labor force skills and information system to the needs of the supply chain to meet customer service/demand requirements.

Service Excellence

We understand the importance of exceptional services. Our customers can trust us with the hard work and expect top notch service. We are not only efficient but effective and outstanding at all times


We provide shippers with access to real-time information that pinpoints their shipments’ location at all times and provides dynamic, predictive deliveries.